We create videos from Concept to Execution

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We create videos
from Concept to Execution


What we offer

Every product, service or business needs a marketing video
tailored to its unique goals.

We are a “one-stop-shop” video production studio
that provides a range of services and products
in the field of video and animation.

Our typical work process

Research and Strategy

Concept development

Script Writing

Visual Design

Voice over

Video editing

Animation & After Effects

Sound design

TMI Productions | סרטי תדמית | פרסומות | סרטי תדמית לעסקים

“To the amazing Tal and Maya! We happened to reach you through an Industry website and we really didn’t know what to expect. From meeting to meeting and from project to project, you were fascinated every time with this rare combination of Seriousness / professionalism / responsibility for the schedule on the one hand along with creativity / imagination / depth / sensitivity on the other! No such things! Together you are a winning team. We went through a whole process together and succeeded in exploring our artistic truth that manifests itself in music and translating it into the visual dimension that you so master. With every clip we worked with you we were even more excited by the result!”

TMI Productions | סרטי תדמית | פרסומות | סרטי תדמית לעסקים

“The Network is happy to recommend TMI Productions.
We used the company’s services several times and the results were excellent and met all the requirements.
It’s a pleasure to work with a professional and service-oriented company that meets the schedules it sets, and the work processes with them is pleasant and focused on the benefit of the customer.”

Ad Haezem Express
TMI Productions | סרטי תדמית | פרסומות | סרטי תדמית לעסקים

“TMI has created for our new and innovative StartUp, a video for potential investors. From the first meeting, we were impressed by the creativity backed by professionalism that Maya and Tal demonstrated. They walked us through the entire thought process and managed to turn our ideas into a video that expresses exactly what we wanted to express. This, while responding to changes and requests, even when it required significant changes in thinking and execution, in a way that gave us a sense of partnership.”

ACES Consulting
TMI Productions | סרטי תדמית | פרסומות | סרטי תדמית לעסקים

“We came to Tal and Maya after long search. Already at the first meeting we knew that we found our partners to the process. Beyond the interpersonal click that cannot always be explained, there was a professional-level click. After studying our field of expertise in advance, they characterized what already exists in the market and what we are likely to need, and waited to hear from us to get the details in. We started with a company presentation, which came out WOW and from there we proceeded ..

We enjoyed every step of the collaborative work.”



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